Student Profiles

I have been coming to Y.E.S. every Wednesday for five years for my English and I.T. skills and to gain qualifications. I now also come for Maths skills on Tuesday evenings. I enjoy coming to Y.E.S. because there is a friendly, relaxed and supportive atmosphere where we can all work hard. We also play a variety of educational games e.g. hangman and word dominoes.



I come here because it is nice to meet new students.

I have been coming here for a long time.

I learnt maths with Jo.  I can add up better.

I read Quick Reads books.

Today I did map work. I used a bus timetable and I used a map.

You can come and learn to read and write better too.



My story

It was a BIG step for me coming to Y.E.S as I’ve battled with coming to terms with dyslexia. I was scared at first but once I got there I was made to feel welcome. The tutors understand you as they specialise in dyslexia. If I get frustrated and I can’t do it the tutors help me to understand it. Nobody pushes you too far. Y.E.S has really helped me progress and I’m still learning.

Y.E.S is a great place to learn!!!



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