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Positive relationships are key to finding an effective way to learn. We pride ourselves on being a caring, friendly team, listening to our students to find a way forward.



Operations Manager


I am the Operations Manager. I work year round to prepare and develop our programmes and ensure YES is a welcoming, organised and safe place to be. I have worked in education for over 15 years in lots of different roles. I like working at YES because I am inspired by seeing what our learners achieve. Outside of YES I love going to festivals and exploring the UK, especially on-foot, or by bicycle. When at home I like to cook, sing, and read with my two daughters.

Maths and adult learning tutor


I teach maths and adult education courses. I have worked in education all my life and I love working at YES because I feel it is the right place to use my skills and experience. I enjoy working with all of our students. I also like running, walking, cycling and travelling and have recently started knitting.

Adult learning tutor


My connection with Yes goes back to 2011. I was a volunteer helper in an English class while training to be a teacher in adult education. After a few years, I took on similar work closer to home, but eventually was drawn back to YES to teach English. I love the informality of classes at YES and the ethos that learning can be fun. I like to play table tennis and took up running in the pandemic!

English Tutor


Hi, my name is Daniel and I have been a tutor with YES for 10 great years. As a result I have had the opportunity to work with people in 1 to 1 and group settings. These are designed to help the student achieve their goals in a supportive and focused environment, with a track record of success.

Senior Tutor


I teach English to young people and adults and also run support courses for dyslexic learners. I love teaching at YES and helping people feel more confident and happy in their learning. In my spare time, I enjoy pilates, gardening and being creative.

What we do

Discover more about the opportunities for learners aged 16-25.

Our Trustees

YES is supported by a highly skilled board of trustees who support the leadership and governance of the organisation.

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