Friends of Midnapore

Where is it?

This project is running in a lush tropical landscape about 150 km south west of Kolkata. It is supporting six pre primary schools in rural West Bengal. They are targeted at some of the most disadvantaged communities in India who are a mix of Hindu, Muslim and tribal families.

What are they doing?

They are hard working subsistence farmers and these schools aim to improve their opportunities, developing school going habits, encouraging girl students, giving employment to local women, freeing parents to work in the fields and alleviate malnutrition by giving a daily meal.

Further details

Each school has three teachers, the children, aged 3-6 years, working in three groups with activities suitable for their stage of development. The schools are friendly, positive places and ably run by trained teachers. The families are happy to have the schools and show their loyalty by regular attendance to this village amenity.

Newsletter June 2016


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