Our experiences at YES

Before the half-term break, some of our students and volunteers sat down to share their experiences at YES.


We practised handwriting signs, and then we had some fun taking pictures and turning our photos into artwork…

See what we had to say!


YES is a good place to have fun and make friends.


YES is a great place for learning in a relaxing atmosphere.


YES is a great place to come and improve your maths skills and reading and writing.


You can read a new book.


At YES online learning is made easy.

Activities like this help our students improve their spoken and written communication skills, while also providing a safe – and fun! – platform for personal expression.



Published by Youth Education Service

The Youth Education Service (YES) is a Bristol charity providing group and one-on-one learning support for adults and young people. We assist students with a wide range of learning difficulties and disabilities, and offer a range of courses (including our popular Dyslexia Support Course) to help our students improve their essential skills. With our uniquely personalised and nonjudgemental approach to literacy (reading, writing, spelling) and numeracy (maths, counting), our students feel welcome, valued, and respected every step of the way.

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